ISBT Threadspecs®

Over the last several years an ISBT member driven initiative involved the development of voluntary, beverage focused, finish guidelines. Through ISBT, global beverage industry members' work together to define voluntary finish guidelines. These guidelines reflect the collective knowledge and experience of the many global businesses that manufacturer and utilize these finishes. These voluntary guidelines now provide a common and, by virtue of their standardization, economical finish design that can be used interchangeably between suppliers and users. Finally, a voluntary guideline maximizes the possibility of achieving, safe and consistent package performance.

ISBT Threadspecs® has been established to serve the greater common interests of the beverage industry, these voluntary guidelines will be offered free of charge to the public. These finishes are free of any patent and / or royalty restrictions.

ISBT Threadspecs® are voluntary, beverage focused, finish guidelines. Information not included in the guidelines (caps, additional dimensioning, etc.) generally fall under the proprietary expertise of cap manufacturers and are therefore not included. ISBT's ability to answer questions about caps is extremely limited. We would suggest contact companies listed in the Caps & Closures section of the Beverage Industry Resource Guide as a starting point for finding a partner to work with.

The ISBT is a premier technical society whose objective is to serve the needs of the global beverage business community. Members represent all facets of the beverage industry and, through ISBT, work together to enhance the understanding and advancement of industry needs and objectives.

Interested individuals that would like to participate in the development of future voluntary guidelines are invited to join ISBT to lend your expertise and experience to this effort.

For inquiries about ISBT Threadspecs®, please contact [email protected].

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