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ISBT Seeks New Business Development Committee Leader

ISBT has five operating committees — Membership, Finance & Treasury, Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development. We are currently looking for a volunteer who wishes to take on the role of leading the Business Development Committee.

The Business Development Chair is a volunteer position that leads and encourages the members of the committee to create and deliver on a wide range of opportunities that will protect and grow the long-term income of the Society. For example, the committee made an important contribution recently by delivering the Enterprise Agreement license platform. Enterprise Agreements are a new income stream that create value for members of ISBT and their companies by bundling the products and services of the Society in a flexible format. Members' companies can more easily integrate the output of the Society back into their organizations, ensuring that internationally recognized publications and technical education can be utilized to their fullest extent.

Are you a current member of the Society who plays an active role in the commercial activity of your own company and would take a keen interest in playing a leading role in the future success of the Society? The role of the Chair is to lead a team of commercially minded professionals from the beverage industry who are current ISBT members. He or she will be responsible for steering the work of the group and reporting on the opportunities, progress against goals, and results to ISBT's Vice President of Operations.

The position is open to any current member of the society. To find out more or to apply for this exciting position, please .