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Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee


Promote the continual improvement of beverage sanitation and microbiological control processes. Provide a forum for exchange of technical information on new or alternative sanitation processes and microbiological insights within the beverage industry.

Current Activities

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

The Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee is dedicated to promoting innovative sanitation and microbiological control technologies and advances within the beverage industry. The committee meets on an annual basis to provide papers on beverage sanitation and microbiological control topics of interest as well as an open forum discussion. It compiles and provides technical reference information pertaining to sanitation and microbiological control.

To that end, here are the latest activities of the Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee.

Click here to view the draft minutes from BevTech® 2023.

The Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee is currently seeking volunteers to help with two key subcommittee activities. The first is updating the ISBT Sanitation Manual and the second is developing a Basics of Beverage Microbiology e-learning course for Beverage Institute by ISBT®. Please reach out to any of our committee chairs if you would like to join one of these exciting committees.


Please click on the More Information button for additional details about any of these subcommittees. If anyone wishes to join a group, please contact the Subcommittee Chairs.

Sanitation TC - Beverage Microbiology Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: Discusses and evaluates new and emerging information on prevention and testing of ACB & HRM. This subcommittee is dedicated to evaluate and discuss any new and emerging technology or information regarding the prevention and testing of ACB and/or HRM related to quality. ISBT possesses one of the largest ACB culture collections. These cultures are available to all ISBT members free of charge.

Helen Akinruli-Ikotun

Subcommittee Chair

Helen Akinruli-Ikotun
Phone: 914-742-4867

Emi Rico

Subcommittee Chair

Emi Rico
BCN Research Laboratories, Inc.
Phone: (865) 573-7511

Stephanie Sparks-Gibson

Subcommittee Chair

Stephanie Sparks-Gibson
Diversey, Inc.
Phone: 513 885-1014

More Information

Sanitation TC - Sanitation Manual Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: Manual revisions were completed in 2006, 2012, and 2015. A new subcommittee for additional updates is being chartered.

Sal Calandra

Subcommittee Chair

Sal Calandra
B&R Compliance Associates
Phone: 1-610-653-6695

More Information

Areas of Interest

  • Alicyclobacillus (ACB) Culture Maintenance and Distribution
  • Validation of CIP Systems
  • Sanitary Design – Challenges and Ways to Improve
  • Biofilms
  • Sanitation methods for cold-filled production equipment
  • Sanitation methods for
    • Cold-filled production equipment
    • Hot-filled production equipment
    • Aseptic processing and filling
    • Filtration equipment
  • Efficacy of cleaners and sanitizers
  • Safety of sanitizers and cleaners
  • Sanitation method validation
  • Microbiology
    • Test methods
    • Interpretation of test results
    • Microorganisms of concern to the beverage industry
  • CIP Methodology
  • Environmental impact of sanitation programs
    • Water management
    • Effluent management — BOD, COD, pH, EC, etc.
  • Microbiological testing methods
  • Interpretation of microbiological results
  • Microbiological ecology
  • The impact of FSMA on Sanitation requirements at manufacturing sites

The Sanitation and Microbiological Committee also works in joint committees. They include:

  • Water — Joint project on sanitation for fountain beverages
  • Sweeteners — Joint project on tanker washout and sanitation
  • Packaging — Joint project on warmer treatment programs

Beverage Institute by ISBT®

The Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee worked with the Beverage Institute by ISBT® and The Packaging School to develop the following courses:

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Beverage Institute Value Bundle

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This exceptionally priced bundle includes the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of Beverage Technology
  • Sanitation for Fountain Beverages
  • Beverage Ingredients
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • Sweeteners
  • Complete Gases
  • PET: Resins, Preforms, and Bottle Technology


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Introduction to Microbiology

Introduction to Microbiology

If you work in the field of microbiology, these topics will be old hat. But for those of us who are relying strictly on high school biology, we might need a refresher. And this course is just that — an overview of the broad topic of microbiology and how it plays into the food and beverage industry. This course will also cover the various types of microbes including yeasts, molds, and bacteria.

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BevTech Presentations


  • An Introduction to Biofilm and the Center for Biofilm Engineering and Current Research on Biofilms — Diane Walker (Montana State)
  • Role of Biofilm from Drinking Water Systems on the Spoilage of Thermal-Processed Beverages by Heat-Sensitive Fungi — Dr. Emilia Rico (BCN)
  • Interaction Between Microbiology and Packaging Machinery — Investigations, Effects, Strategies — Jan Fischer (VLB)
  • ISBT COVID-19 Pandemic Best Practices Guidance Document — Andrew Reim (Ecolab)
View Presentations


  • Risk Management of Biofilms in the Beverage Industry — Benoit Duculot (RealCo)
  • New PAA Test Technologies — David Hird (Palintest)
  • Automated Cleaning in the Packaging Environment — Cliff Vaughn (System Cleaners)


  • Increased Efficiency & Quality Control of Food & Beverage Cleaning Cycles Using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis — Brett Clark (Water Technologies & Solutions)
  • Beverage Spoilage: When Everything Goes Wrong — Emilia Rico (BCN Research Laboratories)
  • Dynamic Flow Monitoring — Barry Sperling (Sealed Air)
  • CIP Optimization — Andy Reim (Ecolab)