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Quality Technical Committee


To promote continuous improvement of the quality and production of beverage products through the exchange of information concerning quality control activities as they apply to the beverage industry.

Current Activities

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

The Quality Committee is dedicated to promoting innovative technologies, methods and ideas aimed at improving the quality and production of beverage products. The annual meeting provides an open forum discussion on any quality-related topics. Papers are presented on areas of particular interest.

To that end, here are the latest activities of the Quality Technical Committee.

Stay tuned for minutes from BevTech® 2023.


Please click on the More Information button for additional details about any of these subcommittees. If anyone wishes to join a group, please contact the Subcommittee Chairs.

Quality TC - Brix Measurement Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: To establish best practice guidelines for Brix measurement in a non-alcoholic beverage operation.

Subcommittee Chair

Xin Stannard
Talking Rain Beverage Company
Phone: 3143266136

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Quality TC - Food Safety Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: To increase the awareness of the US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and its impact to the beverage industry. One of the core objectives is to update the ISBT HACCP Principles and Application Guidelines to ensure it aligns with current requirements and best practices.

Scott Altenburg

Subcommittee Chair

Scott Altenburg
Phone: (920) 342-7132

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Quality TC - Retail Equipment and Fountain Technology Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: This committee will strive to include all value team participants. This group will be represented by:

  • Beverage and liquid food producers
  • Fountain and marketing equipment manufacturers
  • Related suppliers
  • Consultants and service providers
These members of the industry will openly share developments and technologies in order to support the retail and marketing segment of the beverage industry. All related topics should find this a forum to be discussed and presented openly.

The Subcommittee Chair position for this committee is open. If you are interested in the position, please contact the ISBT office at for more information.

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Quality TC - Sensory Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include: Our key objective is to raise the awareness and the standard of sensory best practices across the beverage industry and its supply chain. One of our main tasks will be to work closely with some of the industry's most experienced sensory specialists in creating an easy-to-follow guideline on sensory evaluation techniques and protocols.

Lori Brustad Brustad

Subcommittee Chair

Lori Brustad Brustad
Phone: 8472541934

Subcommittee Chair

Lei Li
The Coca-Cola Company
Phone: (404)865-4295

Marie Pohler

Subcommittee Chair

Marie Pohler
Phone: 44-(0)7838781899

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Beverage Institute by ISBT®

The Quality Technical Committee worked with the Beverage Institute by ISBT® and The Packaging School to develop the following courses:

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Beverage Institute Value Bundle

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This exceptionally priced bundle includes the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of Beverage Technology
  • Sanitation for Fountain Beverages
  • Beverage Ingredients
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • Sweeteners
  • Complete Gases
  • PET: Resins, Preforms, and Bottle Technology


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Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

The Fundamentals of Beverage Technology is a self-paced, interactive session providing a technical overview of the beverage industry. It covers the complete supply chain from research and development to ingredients, processing, packaging, and food safety to finished goods distribution.

The Introduction to Food Safety module was developed in conjunction with the Quality Technical Committee.

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Areas of Interest

  • Promotion of Innovative Technologies for the Beverage Industry
  • Test Methods Related to Beverage Products and Ingredients
  • Systems for Improving the Quality and Productivity of Beverage Manufacturing
  • Quality of Beverage Ingredients and Packaging
  • Quality Audits and Schemes
  • Emerging Microbiological Contaminants
  • Food Safety of Beverage Operations
  • Promotion of Sensory Best Practices

BevTech Presentations


  • Challenges of Soft Drink Production - in a Brewing Environment — Katia Jorge (FlavorActiV Ltd)
  • What's the Latest with Ozone Technology for Beverage Applications — What Was Then . . . This Is Now — Don Lanini (Evoqua Water Technologies)
  • Panel Discussion: Water Quality as an Influencer to the Beverage Production and Consumer Perception — Matthew Cashner (Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company), Douglas Glanz (ChemTreat), Laurie Gilmore (The Coca-Cola Company), and Matt Lecky (Keurig Dr Pepper)
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  • Food Adulteration in the Beverage Industry: Is it a Concern? — George C. Ziobro Ph.D.
  • Sensory Testing For Ingredients — Lori Brustad (PepsiCo), Marie Pohler (FlavorActiV)
  • Sustainability and Management Systems — Jay Evans (Coca-Cola Consolidated)
  • Carbonation Measurements for Beverage Category — Jim Post, Eduard Harrauer (ACM), Karin Biebernik (Anton Paar), Frank Verkoelen (Haffmans), Johannes Angres (Steinfurth)


  • Smart Skin Cans — Stephanie Rowbotham, Smart Skin Technologies
  • Validation of NCB's (non-carbonated beverages) Processes for Microbiological Safety — Wilfredo Ocasio, Covance
  • Defoamer/Antifoam Technology — Chris Fogleman, DyStar
  • FSMA's Effect on Food Quality Programs — Lina Bush, SGS