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Beverage Operations and Processing Technical Committee


The mission of the Beverage Operations & Processing Technical Committee is to share the basic / best practices of beverage operations, review new / traditional beverage processing techniques, and advise guidelines, best practices, and principles to benefit a successful beverage processing facility.

Current Activities

Click here to view the draft minutes from BevTech® 2023.


Please click on the More Information button for additional details about any of these subcommittees. If anyone wishes to join a group, please contact the Subcommittee Chairs.

BevOps TC - Aseptics Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

  • Presentation of current issues pertaining to aseptic packaging of beverages.
  • Identification, development, adoption, & publication of voluntary guidelines for the manufacture of aseptic beverages.

The Subcommittee Chair position for this committee is open. If you are interested in the position, please contact the ISBT office at for more information.

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BevOps TC - Contract Packaging Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

  • Monitoring and reporting on operations and process developments in Contract Packaging facilities.

Subcommittee Chair

Doug Poulos
Phone: (706) 494-7571

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BevOps TC - Ingredient Mixing Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

  • Promotion of understanding and expertise of ingredient mixing technologies.
  • Provision of a technical forum for discussion of how best to handle and mix established and new ingredients for the global beverage industry.

Subcommittee Chair

Mark Huling
Semi-Bulk Systems, Inc
Phone: 3053237724

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BevOps TC - Sampling Subcommittee

The objectives / goals of the committee include:

  • Developing industry standards for the sampling and evaluation of solid parts in liquid or semi-liquid food applications as well as the description of the corresponding liquid / beverage.
  • Focusing on sampling and analytical methods rather than processing and parameters, including the interaction between the process and product / beverage.
  • Developing guideline documentation entitled Inclusion Sampling Guideline Beverage and Food Applications with Inclusions and Physical Methods for Analysis.

Joerg Zacharias

Subcommittee Chair

Joerg Zacharias
Krones AG
Phone: +499401701916

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Areas of Interest

  1. Water Treatment
  2. Ingredient Handling
  3. Mixing / Blending
  4. Filling
  5. Product Processing / Preservation Types:
    1. Chemical Preservatives
    2. Tunnel / Dual Pasteurization
    3. Hot / Warm Fill
    4. Retort / Hydrostat
    5. Aseptic / Ultraclean
    6. Other Novel processes
  6. Contract Packaging Operations

Beverage Institute by ISBT®

The Beverage Operations and Processing Technical Committee worked with the Beverage Institute by ISBT® and The Packaging School to develop the following courses:

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Beverage Institute Value Bundle

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  • Fundamentals of Beverage Technology
  • Sanitation for Fountain Beverages
  • Beverage Ingredients
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • Sweeteners
  • Complete Gases
  • PET: Resins, Preforms, and Bottle Technology


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Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

The Fundamentals of Beverage Technology is a self-paced, interactive session providing a technical overview of the beverage industry. It covers the complete supply chain from research and development to ingredients, processing, packaging, and food safety to finished goods distribution.

The Introduction to Beverage Processing and Introduction to Finished Goods Distribution modules were developed in conjunction with the Beverage Operations and Processing Technical Committee.

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BevTech Presentations


  • Integration of Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainable Beverage Production — Belen Salazar (Handy Seafood Inc.)
  • End to End Traceability in Beverages — Bill Romano (Antares Vision)
  • Tunnel Operations Best Practices: A Case Study with Kroger Beverage — Matthew Cashner (Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company)
  • Aseptic Filling Requirements for Regulatory Compliance — Dharmendra Mishra (Purdue University)
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  • Validation of Pre-production and packaging material sterilization of aseptic filler — Manoj Sawale
  • Dissolved Oxygen and Carbonation Control in Carbonated Soft Drink Process and Filling Systems — John Mojonnier
  • Kolsterising — Improving Austenitic Stainless Steel — Chad Beamer
  • ISBT Beverage Institute — Sally Potter


  • Commercialization of High Pressure Processed Beverages — Nali Prchal (American Pasteurization Company)
  • PET Airveyor System Cleaning Technology and the Potential Benefits — Matthew Bilski (Ecolab)
  • PET Blow Molding for Beverage Processors — Daniel Durham (Plastic Technologies Inc.)
  • Optimizing Beverage Freshness Throughout Production with the Alignment of Sensory Panels and ESR Technology — Dr. Boris Gadzov (FlavorActiV Ltd.)