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ISBT Awards
1959 - 2019 Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards are awarded at the Awards Luncheon the year after the BevTech at which they were presented.

Year Title Author
1959 Keeping Sand Filters Clean Frank W. Melcher
1960 Factors Controlling Canned Soft Drink Shelf Life Richard Jobus and Howard D. Baker
1961 Planning a Bottling Plant with Consideration for Flow of Materials and Future Expansion Francis X. Jones
1962 Quantitative Gas-Solid Chromatographic Determination of Trace Impurities in Carbon Dioxide Harry Hall
1963 Automatic Washing Albert M. Olsen
1964 Reclamation of Bottle Washer Rinse Water Harry C. DeLonge
1965 The Development of P Charts for Bottle Washing Control Charles P. Grier
  Use of Diatomaceous Earth as a Pre-Coast on Sand Filters Byron E. Byrd
1966 Sensory Evaluation Barbara Hall Ellis
1966 Double Seaming Carbonated Beverage Cans Frank W. Parrin
1967 Pressure. Temperature. Carbonation Relationships of Carbonated Soft Drinks in Rigid and Semi-Rigid Containers N. Nonnemann and J.J. McDermott
1968 Production and Quality Control of Frozen Soft Drinks G. Frank Phillips and Miles Hess
  Rubber as a Contaminant in Granulated Sugar Charles H. Brokaw, C.E. Scribner and J.G.Paxton
1969 The Corrosive Action of Nitrates in Canned Soft Drinks Measured by Polarization Techniques H.T. Johnson
1970 Dihydrochalcone Sweeteners J. Peter Clark
1971 Palletizing Tests for Closure Robert J. D.Amato and Frank J. Field
1972 Criteria for Packaging Carbonated Beverages in Plastic Eugene F. Phillips
1973 Fortification of Soft Drinks with Protein from Cheese Whey Virginia Holsinger
1974 Waste Water Neutralization in the Beverage Industry by Means of Carbon Dioxide Jochen Terjung
1975 Continuous Automatic Analysis of Brix and Carbonation Kosuke, Joda, H. Komori, F. Taniguichi, Y. Saeki, Toshie Shimagaki
1976 Determining Optimum Production Lot Sized in Bottling Facilities Where Warehouse Space Is Restricted Gerald G. Day
  Density Meter. A New Approach to Measuring Sweetener Solution Solids Gordon P. Heffelfinger
1977 Microbiology of Soft Drinks: Actual State of the Art Fernand E. M. J. Sand
1978 A Simple Test to Predict Whether Water May Cause Beverage Floc R. J. Sullivan and F. W. Melcher
1979 Controlling Trihalomethanie Concentration in Ingredient Water David Dalsis
1980 Designing a Label Removal System for Efficient Label Removal in the Bottle Washer Charles Murray
1981 Analysis of Carbonyl Sulfide and Hydrogen Sulfide in Carbon Dioxide R. Karelitz, D. E. Dalsis and Terry Radford
1982 Dropsize Analysis of Soft Drink Emulsions by Coulter Counter John K. Johnson
1982 Production of Fuel Ethanol From Soft Drink Wastes John Walker
1983 Experimental Bottle Washing Study Using SSDT Standard Soil for Research Harold Brandon and Boris Miller
1984 Fluoride Changes During Beverage Manufacture T. Radford, E. Thomas and D.E. Dalsis
1985 Profits Through Technology A. J. Meushaw
1986 Comparison of Chemical and Manometic Method for Determining CO2 in Soft Drinks Ernst Kugler, Gunther Heynck, Beate Hoppner, and Manfred Lauster
1987 Hot Sanitation/Clean-in-Place Concepts Jon Plotkin
1988 Chemical Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Regeneration for Trihalomethane and (THM) Removal Brannon Wilder
1989 Degradable Plastics. A New Technology Available Today Mark Matlock
1990 Computer Based Quality Assurance Management Robert Wagnon
1991 In Plant Wastewater Reduction Gil Fronzaglia
1992 Identification of Contaminants in Sodium Benzoate and Their Impact on Beverage Taste James Wade & Ameli Grace
1993 Carbonation Volumes in Acqueous Systems Gus Medina
1994 The Contribution of Water Treatment to Beverage Plant Effluent Daniel W. Bena & Harry DeLonge
1995 Keys to Manufacturing Quality Hotfill Products Switlana Wojcickyj
1996 Positive Experiences with a Membrane System. A Case Study Brian Southard
1997 Determination of Carbonyl Sulphide Concentration in Carbon Dioxide for QC Julie A. Cox
1998 Standardization of Head Space Acetaldehyde (HSAA) Testing Between Labs Yong Lee
1999 Haloacetic Acid Update Marcio Amazonas
2000 Biotechnology Issues for the Soft Drink Industry Kyd Brenner
2001 PET Bottle Stress Crack Prevention Mark Newcott, Valerie Miller Villafane, Eric Moskala, Scott Steele
2002 Standard Test Methods for PET Bottles and Plastic Closures Valerie Miller Villafane, Sally Potter, Jim Anderson
2003 Assessing Your Security Needs Debra Bivona
2004 Flocculent and Sediment Identification Using Advanced Chemical Imaging Technology John T. McDonald
2005 Sustainability: What Exactly IS It, Anyway? Dan Bena
2006 New Heath Ingredients and Technologies for Truly Functional Beverages Dr. Ralf Jaeger
2007 Allergen Control Gerry Lange and Katherine Swanson
2008 Sanitation for Non Traditional Beverages Joe Dirksen
2009 Lean and Green Wastewater Technologies Joel Rosenfield
2010 72-Hour Wash, Results One Year Later Tom Heagney and Deborah Landgrebe
2011 Global Food Safety Initiatives Roger Bont
2012 Plastic Packaging Sustainability Lori Carson, Tod Eberle, Rogert Kriegel
2013 Transport Worker Safety Update Brian Stegmann
2014 Fructose in Commercial HFCS-Sweetened Carbonated Beverages: Is Industry Misleading the Public? John White
2015 Coffee Science: A Journey From Tree to Consumer Mark Corey
2016 High Pressure Processing: Food Safety without Heat or Preservatives Nick DePinto
2017 Chlorate Formation and Minimization During Water Treatment Tricia O'Connell
2018 Retail Ice Sanitation Guidelines Philip Thonhauser
2019 Innovative Materials to Resist Flavor Transfer Christian Geubert

*Due to COVID, BevTech 2020 was cancelled, and BevTech 2021 was held virtually.