Our ISBT Europe 2024 conference theme is European Focus on Ingredients
and Challenges Impacting the Sector

Join us 18-19 September 2024 for ISBT Europe 2024. ISBT Europe will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, sponsored by Doehler.
Showcase your research or projects at our upcoming event! Submit your interest and an abstract to Dr. Joerg Zacharias and Bebhine Carey.

Registration is now open!

Present Your Innovations at ISBT Europe 2024!

Are you ready to showcase the latest advancements in beverage technology and innovation? The ISBT Europe 2024 conference is the perfect platform for you! We invite all current and potential members to share their industry insights at this prestigious annual event.

If you are looking for an opportunity to present the latest technology and innovation in beverages, consider presenting at the wildly popular ISBT Europe 2024 conference! The ISBT Europe 2024 planning committee would like to invite all current and potential members to share their industry insights at this fantastic annual event. Please complete the application to present, which will be submitted to our Technical Program Leads, Dr. Joerg Zacharias and Bebhine Carey. Proposals are due by Sunday, July 28, 2024.  This will be reviewed by the ISBT Europe 2024 Committee.  Selected presenters will be notified by 3 August. Presentations should adhere to the guidelines outlined in our Presenters Toolkit, including the use of the ISBT Europe 2024 PowerPoint Template (below).
PowerPoint Template (PPTX)

Exciting Sponsorship Opportunities Available for ISBT Europe 2024!

ISBT is now offering a novel and effective program to help gain visibility while supporting the vision of the Society. ISBT's vision is to continue to be the premier global beverage industry technical association that drives sustainable growth, resolves challenges, and leads productivity innovations. Now you can be part of that vision!

This sponsorship program allows the ISBT Europe 2024 committee to offer the best technical programs while keeping attendee cost reasonable. Your generous support will be recognized for the entire event as well as in pre- and post-event marketing.

Benefits of Sponsorship/Pricing

For USD $1,000, you get the following:

  • Prime Logo Placement — Your logo will be placed on the ISBT Europe page of the ISBT website. A banner with sponsor logos will be placed at the entry point of the meeting and next to the bar at the networking event.
  • Sponsor Spotlight — During the event, each sponsor will be given 5 minutes to play a short video or presentation on the big screen.
  • Recognition During ISBT Europe — Sponsor logos will be on a slide rotating before the event and during breaks. The emcee will recognize sponsors at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Post Event Recognition — Your company will be highlighted in a post-event newsletter and emails.
  • Social Media — ISBT will mention your company in LinkedIn posts before and after the event.

There are limited sponsorship opportunities. Make your decision and act now! You can sponsor one or several events.

If you are interested, please contact Maria Piedad Lopez or Michon Mitchell.

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