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ACB & HRM (Alicyclobacillus & Heat Resistant Mold) Technical Subcommittee

A Subcommittee of the Sanitation and Microbiological Control Technical Committee


The objectives / goals of the committee include: Discusses and evaluates new and emerging information on prevention and testing of ACB & HRM. This subcommittee is dedicated to evaluate and discuss any new and emerging technology or information regarding the prevention and testing of ACB and/or HRM related to quality. ISBT possesses one of the largest ACB culture collections. These cultures are available to all ISBT members free of charge.

How to Access ACB Cultures

  1. Click here for the ACB Culture Collection List.
  2. Pick the cultures of interest (10 organisms maximum per shipment).
    • Confidential Request send information to the ISBT Office at .
    • Non-Confidential Request send information to .
    • Cultures shipped within 7-10 days of order.

Subcommittee Leadership

Emi Rico

Subcommittee Chair

Emi Rico
BCN Research Laboratories, Inc.
Phone: (865) 573-7511

Stephanie Sparks-Gibson

Subcommittee Chair

Stephanie Sparks-Gibson
Diversey, Inc.
Phone: 513 885-1014