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BevTech Europe 2023 — Networking Event

Thank you to everyone that attended our annual BevTech Europe 2023 conference in the Hilton Amsterdam! We have successfully concluded this informative and engaging networking event. We are extremely grateful for all that could participate. A massive thank you to our speakers and in particular, our sponsors for making the day the success. We are appreciative of our sponsors: Unisensor, Politech Plus and BCN Research Laboratories. We will be sharing more information about future events on the website soon.

Networking Event

Amsterdam is a beautiful and exciting city. ISBT's BevTech Europe 2023 annual conference is being held in at the Hilton Amsterdam. To complement our incredible technical program, we are planning wonderful networking reception at the hotel. What better way to unwind after a day of interesting discussion than to share some time with peers, colleagues, and other industry professionals. This evening event will last a short 90 minutes, with some light food and refreshments. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to network in a beautiful setting. To register for BevTech Europe, click the button below.

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