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BevTech Europe 2023 — Hotel Information

Thank you to everyone that attended our annual BevTech Europe 2023 conference in the Hilton Amsterdam! We have successfully concluded this informative and engaging networking event. We are extremely grateful for all that could participate. A massive thank you to our speakers and in particular, our sponsors for making the day the success. We are appreciative of our sponsors: Unisensor, Politech Plus and BCN Research Laboratories. We will be sharing more information about future events on the website soon.

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The Hilton Amsterdam, where this year's BevTech Europe conference will be taking place, was also the stage for John Lennon and Wife Yoko Ono's iconic Bed-in For Peace.

The Bed-ins for Peace were two week-long nonviolent protests against the war, which were intended to be experimental tests for new ways of promoting peace. These Bed-ins for Peace took place as the war in Vietnam raged on in 1969. The idea comes from a "sit-in", where a group of protesters remain seated in front of or inside of an establishment until they are evicted, arrested, or their requests are met. As the pair knew their marriage in 1969 would be a huge press event, Lennon and Ono decided to promote word peace, by spending their honeymoon in the Presidential Suite (Room 702) at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.

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