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VLB (Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin)

The Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin, VLB, (Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin) is a German private institute which was founded in 1883. Originally focused on the brewing and malting industry, today the VLB works also in the fields of non-alcoholic beverages, water, spirits and applied biotechnology. Around 140 staff are engaged in the fields of research, teaching, service and information.

VLB Berlin is one of the leading internationally independent competence centers for application-oriented research, training, and services for the brewing and beverage industries, their suppliers and customers. Close partnerships with our members, the exchange of current information in our Technical-Scientific and Business-Management Committees as well as the proximity to our customers guarantee that our services are anchored in practical experience.

We use our industrial community and mission-oriented research, our close links to the Technische Universität Berlin and our intensive contacts with associations and institutes on a national and international level to continually extend our expertise. This is used to the advantage of our members and customers for the development of innovative solutions to current problems and long-term core topics within our industry.

We provide up-to-date analyses, customer-oriented services, competent consulting and practice-oriented further education. Our high standards are secured by means of modern technical equipment as well as the high motivation, qualifications and communication capabilities of our employees.

The knowledge gained in our work is also integrated into our education and training courses which are very practice-oriented. As the organizer of national and international specialist conventions, we provide a platform for an interdisciplinary, cross-company exchange of information.

At the interface of research, teaching and industrial practice we are continually developing our competencies also at an international level, and adjust our service offers to meet the continually changing requirements of our members and customers.

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