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MEBAK (Central European Commission for Brewing Analysis)

ISBT and MEBAK have decided to cooperate in the future. A perfect collaboration for the beverage industry, as both organizations now cover a wide variety of beverages and packaging. MEBAK started in 1951 with brewing methods, but has long since expanded its method collections and guidelines to other fermented and carbonated beverages. Since it originally came from Germany and published in German, all methods and guidelines are now also available in English. MEBAK is in active exchange with the other two brewing method organizations, ASBC and EBC.

ISBT Executive Director Brian Stegmann says, "ISBT values the relationship with MEBAK because this collaboration will help both organizations promote, develop, and disseminate knowledge related to the art and science of beverage technology."

Martin Zarnkow, Chairman of MEBAK, stated, "Especially today, it is important to show the branch that we are addressing the issues and problems of the industry together and not working at cross purposes. Especially today, as more and more companies are working together, more and more companies want to deliver the same quality to more and more countries, and more and more companies want to speak the same technical language."

For the time being, the aim of this cooperation is to publish common packaging methods and to refer to the services of the other organizations on the respective websites.

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