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ISBT 2022 Scholarship Recipients

The International Society of Beverage Technologist is pleased to announce the Scholarship winners for the 2022-2023 school year.

Each year, the International Society of Beverage Technologists awards scholarships to outstanding students who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in the beverage industry, either through coursework or an internship with beverage companies or suppliers to the beverage industry.

This year's scholarship recipients from Clemson, Purdue University, and Michigan University will be announced after the beginning of the fall semester. Our Emeritus Scholarship recipient attends Georgia Southern. These schools supply much-needed talent to our industry with strong leadership skills and innovative research. The Society thanks our donors who make these awards possible!

Eboni Thomas

Eboni Thomas, Georgia Southern, Emeritus Scholarship

Eboni Thomas is entering her P2 year at the University of Georgia and is a fourth-year recipient of the ISBT Emeritus Scholarship.

I have continued to have a vested interest in the beverage industry and can't wait to see how I can combine my knowledge of pharmacology and with the logistic and creative nature of the beverage industry. Most of my work and educational experiences have involved retail and have given me an extensive knowledge of commerce and how it relates to others on the corporate level. That is why following my graduation, when I've obtained my doctorate in pharmacy, I will be pursuing a career that explores pharmaceuticals within the food and beverage industry.

As a new member of ISBT, I look forward to participating in the organization that continues to support me in my journey towards pursuing pharmacology within the beverage industry. I am now entering my P2 year at the University of Georgia's College of Pharmacy. I have completed many of the goals I set for myself when I first began this journey, and I have a lot more plans for my future. I have taken other steps towards working in the beverage industry by joining groups like my campus's pharmacy industry organization and becoming a member of ISBT. I am glad to have an organization like ISBT to connect with and reach out to, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

ISBT Recognizes C5 Participant with Scholarship at BevTech 2022

Sebastian Pereyra

ISBT partnered with C5 at BevTech 2022. C5 is an organization whose mission is to change the odds of success for high-potential teens from under-resourced communities by inspiring them to pursue personal success while preparing them for leadership roles in college, work, and their communities. One of the highlights of this partnership was providing a scholarship check to one of the C5 students to help further his education. Here's a little more about Sebastian in his own words (edited for brevity).

My name is Sebastian Pereyra. I am a Latino who has just graduated from John H. Francis Polytechnic Senior High School as a Valedictorian with a 4.70 GPA. I am more than grateful to receive this scholarship on behalf of ISBT and C5LA.

This fall I will be attending UC Berkeley and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and quite possibly a minor in Education or Social Work. I appreciate the type of work BevTech promotes, which is transparent, qualitative, and passionate work in the beverage industry. I plan to dive into new and interesting topics. I want to be successful in my academics, but also my community.

I am also interested in pursuing Social Work because recently I have started a non-profit organization called Bivium that will bring STEM pop-ups to under-resourced communities. We will mainly be focusing on areas like San Fernando Valley and the LA area as that is the place where under-resourced students like me need the most motivation and exposure to STEM.

This scholarship has given me a boost in motivation to continue doing well as a scholar in this next step of my education. I am excited to enter the college world this Fall!