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ISBT 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The International Society of Beverage Technologist is pleased to announce the Scholarship winners for the 2021-2022 school year.

Each year, the International Society of Beverage Technologists awards scholarships to outstanding students who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in the beverage industry, either through coursework or an internship with beverage companies or suppliers to the beverage industry.

This year's scholarship recipients attend Clemson, Purdue University, and Michigan University, and our Emeritus Scholarship recipient attends Georgia Southern. These schools supply much-needed talent to our industry with strong leadership skills and innovative research. The Society thanks our donors who make these awards possible!

Sepideh Alasvand

Sepideh Alasvand, Clemson University

Sepideh Alasvand is a fifth-year Food Technology Ph.D. student in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences at Clemson University and is a first-year ISBT Scholarship recipient.

My research is under the guidance of Dr. Vivian Haley-Zitlin, Professor, at Clemson University. My current research explores the use of natural products such as mango leaf tea on diabetes. Overall, I am examining the chemical characterization and sensory analysis of teas from different varieties of Mangifera indica L. leaves to evaluate mango leaf tea's efficacy on adipocyte differentiation and adiponectin production in 3t3-l1 adipocytes. I received my Master's in Food Chemistry from Shiraz University under Dr. Mahmoud Aminlari, Professor, at Shiraz University, Iran, Shiraz. My Bachelor's degree in Food Science is from Isfahan University of Technology in Iran. Post-graduation, I plan to continue research in nutrition, diabetes, and chronic disease with a focus on the bioactive components in beverages and foods. My most important career goal is to refine my knowledge and skills in my area of interest and make a significant scientific contribution in the disciplines of nutrition and food science.

Connie Muniandy

Connie Muniandy, Purdue University

Connie Muniandy is a PhD candidate in the department of Food Science at Purdue University and is a first-year ISBT Scholarship recipient.

Under the guidance of Dr. Dharmendra Mishra, she is working on improving the shelf-life analysis of beverages using multi-accelerant approach. She primarily works on high protein smoothie beverages produced using the aseptic processing and filling system in the pilot plant. Her research focuses on developing a rapid innovative technology for shelf-life determination and prediction for beverages. She is investigating on how multiple accelerant factors can be used to study nutrient degradation in beverages. This novel methodology is aimed to reduce the overall analysis time for shelf-life determination using the rapid degradation method and estimation of shelf life based on the inverse problems approach. Successful outcomes of this project will provide the food industry with a faster and more accurate method of determining shelf life of food and beverages.

Connie has also earned her Master's degree in Food Science with a focus on food processing in 2018 from Purdue University. Prior to joining graduate school, she was working in the food industry for two years focusing on shelf-life analysis of various food products. While pursuing the graduate degrees, she has received certifications for Better Process Control School (GMA Science & Education Foundation) and Aseptic Processing Technologies (Purdue University) in 2018. She has also assisted on extension workshops in various capacities, including instructing and facilitating hands-on teaching and learning sessions during the "Annual Aseptic Processing and Packaging Workshop" (2018-2021), and the "Validation Workshop: Aseptic Processing and Filling" (2017-2021). She is also an approved instructor (since 2018) for the FDA workshops taught at Purdue University, "FD152 Food Processing and Technology", with a specialization in thermal processing equipment, cold press/juicer equipment, and pumps. After graduating with a doctorate degree in food processing, Connie intends to join the aseptic beverage industry as a food processing engineer.

Kelly Jarosz

Kelly Jarosz, Michigan State University

Kelly Jarosz is a senior at Michigan State University and is a first-year ISBT Scholarship recipient.

Behind every beverage, there is a unique package. These packages are designed with labels, convenient handles, and protective closures to ensure safety and integrity. Immediately after, these beverages go through extensive logistics and eventually end up on the shelf for consumers. All of these characteristics wouldn't be possible without a Packaging Engineer. This is why Packaging Engineers are not only desirable but crucial to the beverage industry.

For me, my interest in the beverage industry stems from being able to combine the use of materials, the use of logistics, creativity, sustainability, and a consumer-centered way of thinking into one job. I have the pleasure of being a Co-op at PepsiCo working on their Juice Plus Brands to further my knowledge and packaging abilities in the beverage industry. I find joy in working directly on beverage projects as well as in working in the Packaging R&D Lab to conduct testing on beverage innovation. I further expand my appreciation for working in beverage innovation because of the unique circumstances that come with it. For instance, sustainability brings about many exciting opportunities and challenges. I have worked on sustainability projects that presented many hiccups but have challenged me in a way that has deepened my understanding of the importance of sustainability in the beverage industry. Additionally, my interest in the beverage industry aligns with my values of impacting the consumer. One reason why I chose packaging is because of the direct influence it has on consumers. Knowing that the beverage industry gives me the opportunity to use a variety of packaging materials combined with creativity to create an outcome that positively impacts society is something that is special to me. With my current exposure to the beverage industry, I have absorbed more information than I could have imagined and I am eager to learn more. I hope to continue my packaging career in the beverage industry because of the numerous opportunities that come with it.

Eboni Thomas

Eboni Thomas, Georgia Southern, Emeritus Scholarship

Eboni Thomas is a sophomore at Georgia Southern and is a third-year recipient of the ISBT Emeritus Scholarship.

I thank your continued support in my journey towards pursuing pharmacology within the beverage Industry. I now major in Pharmacy, and I am continuing my education at the University of Georgia's school of pharmacy. Many of the goals I set for myself when I first began this journey have been completed and I have a lot more plans for my future. I am glad to have an organization like yours to connect with and reach out to. I look forward to working with you in the future and becoming a member of the group.

When I graduate with a doctorate in pharmacy, I will search for job openings in pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. This is the reason the ISBT Emeritus Scholarship caught my attention. I admire my mother, who has worked in the beverage industry for over thirty years now. While following in the footsteps of Pemberton is a great idea, ultimately, my inspiration comes from my mother who performs regulatory audits for the Coca-Cola company.