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ISBT 2016 Scholarship Recipients

The International Society of Beverage Technologist is pleased to announce the Scholarship winners for 2017.

Jacalyn Barry

Jacalyn Barry, Clemson

My name is Jacalyn Barry. I graduated from Milton High School with academic honors. I participated in nationally ranked varsity lacrosse program throughout high school. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at Clemson University studying Packaging Science. I am academically on the Dean's List. My career aspirations after graduation are to pursue a career in the beverage industry in the packaging field.

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David Joslyn

David J. Joslyn

I have had a passion for the beverage industry ever since I discovered that my father was once an engineer for the famous brewing company MillerCoors. During my first semester at Michigan State University, I was asked what I wanted to do after graduation. I answered that I wanted to work in the alcoholic beverage industry, more specifically, MillerCoors. Now that graduation is approaching, I can honestly say that I would give the exact same answer.

In addition to pursuing my degree in Packaging, I am also in the process of completing a minor in Beverage Science & Technology. This minor has taught me about many different processes within the alcoholic beverage industry and has been an incredible learning experience.

I have also been fortunate enough to intern at Campbell Soup Company where I worked extensively on their V8 juice line. I gained invaluable knowledge on the processes and packaging of beverages. I worked closely with packaging suppliers in order to dive deep into closure technology for beverages. The thorough understanding of beverage technology I gained at Campbell's will be a great head start for me as I begin my career as a packaging professional.

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Matthew Allan

Matthew Allan

My name is Matthew Allan and I am a Ph.D. graduate student in the Department of Food Science at Purdue University. I am working under Dr. Lisa Mauer with a research emphasis in food chemistry and more specifically in water-solid interactions in dry and solution systems. The current projects include sugar intermolecular interactions in the amorphous state and solution systems; and how the sugar stereochemistry affects solute interactions and crystallization. For this work, I received 2nd place in the oral competition of the IFT food chemistry division. In addition, I am generating phase diagrams of hydrate forming crystalline ingredients (e.g. citric acid and glucose). The phase diagrams would be maps for the thermodynamically stable state in a given humidity (aw) and temperature condition. This research was presented in Belgium at the International Conference on Water in Food this May. Apart from my research, this past spring I have also been preparing for my Ph.D. preliminary exam that took place in April.

I am originally from the Yakima Valley in Washington State where my family's business involves growing and packing apples and cherries. I grew up working in orchards and the packing warehouse, which is the reason for my initial interest in the food industry. My true passion for food science developed during an internship with Tree Top Inc., where I did research in apple juice filtration systems. I have also interned at ConAgra Foods, where I did research in sweet potatoes and French fries. After seeing the application of food science, I knew it was the career path I wanted to take. In May 2012, I graduated with a B.S. in food science from Washington State University, where I met my wife, and came to Purdue in the Fall 2012. My wife and I both completed our Master's degree in food science in August 2014, but I am continuing in the Ph.D. program while she is currently the Administrative Coordinator in the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research. My expected graduation date is August of 2017.