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ISBT 2014 Scholarship Recipients

The International Society of Beverage Technologist is pleased to announce the Scholarship winners for 2014. Click on any of the images for a high resolution version of the photo.

Matthew Allan, Purdue

Matthew Allan

Matt is a graduate student in the Department of Food Science at Purdue University working with Dr. Lisa Mauer in the area of Food Chemistry, with an emphasis on Water-Solid Interactions and stability of crystalline food ingredients (including common beverage ingredients: salts, sugars, vitamins, organic acids, and blends thereof). His M.S. studies focus on developing analytical procedures for improved measurement and understanding of hydrate formation and deliquescence in common crystalline ingredients. His PhD research will include studies to improve the delivery of bioactive ingredients in food and beverage systems. Matt has had a strong interest in the beverage industry for most of his Food Science education. His first internship was with Tree Top Inc., an apple juicer Co-op, where he gained experience in juice product development and juice production. Volunteers Lothar Brauer, Maria Piedad-Lopez, Manus Mitchell, and Gary Robson Volunteers Marcio Amazonas, Alicia Certucha and Alberto Helguera BevTech Latin America Attendees Gunther Krieg accepts the Deutscher Umweltpreis Award Industry experience initiated his interest in the beverage industry, and his graduate school experience is equipping him with the tools necessary to pursue a career in the beverage industry. After graduate school, he would like to be a Research Scientist for a food or beverage company where his knowledge and experience in food chemistry can be utilized. Matt would like to thank the International Society

Sarah Sorensen

Sarah Sorensen, Michigan State

After my time spent interning with PepsiCo, I know that the beverage industry is a perfect fit and something I want to do long term. As a future packaging engineer, I find what the beverage is packaged in can help sell the product, and I enjoy the innovation opportunities and technologies that come along with this type of market. I am honored to have been considered, and truly appreciate the award. The scholarship will be applied toward my last semester of school before graduating in May 2015. I'll then start the exciting pursuit of a full-time position in the packaging field.

Zen Kramer

Zen Kramer, Clemson

My time in the bottling industry has opened my eyes to the great opportunities ahead of me. I am currently a packaging science student-intern at Southeastern Container in Asheville, NC; a company that makes preforms and bottles for the Coca Cola Company. During my time at Southeastern, I have been exposed to injection and blow molding processes as well as product development and qualification. From installing molds to extrapolating CO2 data for analysis, I have learned that teamwork and efficiency are what drives a successful company. My experience at Southeastern has been extremely valuable to my future. It has provided me with the practical understanding and direction I need to pursue my career within the industry. I now hope to expand my time in the bottling industry by continuing my work in the field of beverage packaging and hopefully become a member