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ISBT Scholarship Program


It is the objective of the ISBT scholarship program to provide financial support to academically qualified students who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in the beverage industry by coursework or an internship with beverage companies or suppliers to the beverage industry. The ISBT Scholarship Committee works closely with selected universities and will award these scholarships based on the recommendations of the appropriate department Chairs of the schools selected.

With continuing contributions from members and corporations, the ISBT Scholarship Program is approaching our goal of becoming a self-sustaining program.

Meet Our 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The ISBT scholarship is awarded annually by the International Society of Beverage Technologists in the amount of $1,000 to a student meeting our outlined criteria. Once the recipient has been identified, they can continue the support until graduation as long as they maintain the requirements and recommendation set by the department. The review will occur annually by the University representative and Scholarship Committee within ISBT. Upon graduation the student is granted 1 year free membership. ISBT's Bylaws require that members be at least 21 years of age. In the event the scholarship recipient is an ISBT member already in the beverage industry role, the same academic and employment guidelines will be required.

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For questions about ISBT's scholarships, please contact the ISBT Office.

Scholarship Success Story

Throughout my internships within the beverage industry I have grown tremendously as a student of the business. My most recent internship with the Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated has propelled my interests into new fields such as lean manufacturing, maintenance, and quality. Concepts such as lean thinking, continuous improvement, and teamwork help make Consolidated a great place to work and truly drive a successful culture. Overall, Beverage packaging is the perfect combination of engineering, food science, and business that can help develop a young packaging engineer into a well-rounded professional. I am honored to receive the ISBT Scholarship and plan on applying it towards my last year at Clemson University. ISBT has provided me with an opportunity to continue my education and once again become an ambassador for both the organization and the industry.
— Zen Kramer