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Trademark Use Guidelines and Approval Process

Our Organization

Our organization is a nonprofit society with membership restricted to individuals involved in the technical aspects of the beverage industry. ISBT's guidelines are created by members of the industry for their benefit and voluntary use.

From time to time, ISBT may recommend or adopt the use of industry methods, guidelines, practices and specifications. All such methods, practices, specifications and guidelines (collectively referred to herein as "ISBT Guidelines") are voluntary.

All ISBT Guidelines are copyrighted by and the sole property of ISBT and may not be reproduced without our permission. Due to the costs associated with the creation of ISBT Guidelines, ISBT provides copies of those guidelines for a fee.

ISBT is not a "Standards Developing Organization" or "SDO". Standards developed by SDOs sometimes become part of statutes and required by law. Therefore, ISBT does not guarantee or warrant that use of the voluntary ISBT Guidelines will assure the user of compliance with applicable laws.

Our Trademarks

ISBT is the owner of several trademarks registered in the United States and abroad, including word marks and graphic logos, as well as common law and registration pending marks as shown below. Trademark rights serve consumers and in the case of ISBT stand for its association services on behalf of its members and related activities such as exhibitions, conferences, etc. Use of ISBT trademarks in context that suggest any affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by ISBT, for example advertising of goods or services, requires ISBT's approval of that use and message to the public.

ISBT's control over use of its trademarks extends to any descriptions that accompany our trademarks, as any such descriptions must be accurate and not deceive or confuse the public as to ISBT's mission and activities.

Our Approval Process

Prior to using an ISBT trademark in promotional or advertising materials, or in editorial matter that describes or characterizes ISBT, the user must request and receive approval from the ISBT Executive Director at:

International Society of Beverage Technologists
12930 Worldgate Dr.
Suite 200
Herndon, VA 20170

Please provide contact information and enough context for your request to be properly reviewed. Also include the types of media upon which the trademark will appear, the territories of the world in which the media will be distributed, any commercial context (products or services), and an expected length of time of the use. These are all factors that are required in order to issue a license that provides the rights you need for the time and territory you need them.

Typically, ISBT does not charge any fee for the approval process, which we undertake at our own expense in order to fulfill our obligations to protect the public and our trademark rights. However, for some uses (for example use of a logo on merchandise) a license fee may be required.

ISBT approval of your request may be contingent upon changes required in your description of ISBT, and the placement and context of our trademark, to protect our rights in the trademark and to avoid confusing consumers. Please be sure to send us your request with enough lead time to make any required changes.

ISBT® Logo Guideline

Download the ISBT Logo Usage Guide (PDF)

Our License

For approved requests, ISBT will issue a license for your signature. The terms will include confirmation of the correct use of the trademark (for example including the ® indicia) and other required notices, for example:

ISBT® is a registered trademark of the International Society of Beverage Technologists, Inc.
Used by permisson.

Our Trademarks

Please contact the ISBT Office to request access to the logos.

ISBT International Society of Beverage Technologists®

ISBT International Society of Beverage Technologists® (Stacked)


BevTech Asia Pacific

BevTech Canada™

BevTech Europe

BevTech India

BevTech Latin America®

Beverage Institute by ISBT®


ISBT Threadspecs®