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ISBT Awards
2006-2019 Best Technical Committee Preview Awards

Year Committee Committee Chair
2006 Quality Sherri Murray
2007 Fountain Scott Farber
2008 Global Issues Gary Robson
2009 Non Traditional Beverages David Scheuerman
2010 Global Issues Siegfried Mueller
2011 Quality Bob Layton
2012 Sweetener Debby Landgrebe
2013 Quality Bob Layton
2014 Sweetener Andrea Belford
2015 Beverage Gases Sal Calandra
2016 Beverage Gases Nicole James
2017 Retail Equipment and Fountain Technology Phillip Thonhauser
2018 Packaging Technology Johann Angres
2019 Sweetener Bill Kennedy

*Due to COVID, BevTech 2020 was cancelled, and BevTech 2021 was held virtually.