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ISBT Awards
1960 - 2023 Best Committee Awards

Best Committee Awards are presented at the BevTech Awards Luncheon and represent excellent committee work and leadership for the year preceeding that BevTech.

Year Committe Chair(s)
1960 Plant Design and Equipment Robert Abernethy
1961 Sanitation Problems Thomas Aiola
1962 Water Treating . Verne D Littlefield
1963 Glass Containers Alonzo England
1964 Water Treating Frank Melcher
1965 Closure Robert Gatewood
1966 Glass Containers  
1967 Metal Containers  
1968 Closure  
1969 Closure  
1970 Flavors and Colors  
1971 Flavors and Colors Frank Phillips
1972 Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Harry Delonge
1973 Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Harry Delonge
1974 Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Harry Delonge
1975 Distribution and Materials Handling William Chuala
1976 Container Cleaning Robert Dockery
1977 Nutritive Sweetener Pete Marov
1978 Environment and Energy Management Charles Scruggs
1979 Flavors/Colors/Dietary Beverages Harry Hall
1980 Water and Liquid Waste Treatment J. William Anderson
1981 Bottle and Closure Menala Sotell & Jack Dickey
1982 Flavors/Colors/Dietary Beverages Daniel Melillo
1983 Nutritive Sweetener James Burt
1984 Nutritive Sweetener James Burt
1985 Can and End (formally Metal Containers) Bill Forsythe
1986 Flavors/Colors/Dietary Beverages Paul Bambara
1987 Can and End Bill Forsythe
1988 Quality Control Methodology Mark Pietka
1989 Nutritive Sweetener Larry Hobbs
1990 Quality Control Methodology Tony D.Onofrio
1991 Nutritive Sweetener Prem Virmani
1992 Bottle and Closure Jack Dickey
1993 Water & Liquid Waste Treatment Kevin Doyle
1994 Quality Control Methodology Elizabeth Monz
1995 Bottle and Closure Wayne Snow
1996 Manufacturing & Distribution Tom Reimer
1997 Water Quality and Treatment Kevin Doyle
1998 Sweetener Tom Leitch
1999 Quality Control Stefanie Ringo
2000 Bottle and Closure Charles O.Hara
2001 Quality Control Stefanie Ringo
2002 Bottle and Closure James Sykes
2003 Sweetener Mike Finnerty
2004 Quality Paige Echols
2005 Bottle and Closure Mark Newcott
2006 Sweetener Pranee Turbush
2007 Packaging Technology Ron Puvak
2008 Fountain Scott Farber
2009 Quality Manus Mitchell
2010-2011 Sweetener Deborah Landgrebe
2011-2012 Packaging Michelle Parikh
2012-2013 Packaging Michelle Parikh
2013-2014 Packaging Michelle Parikh
2014-2015 Packaging Michelle Parikh
2015-2016 Beverage Gases Nicole James
2016-2017 Sweetener Andrea Belford
2017-2018 Retail Equipment and Fountain Technology Phillip Thonhauser
2018-2019 Packaging Technology Johannes Angres
2019-2020 Water Quality and Treatment Sanjay Srivatsa
2020-2021 Beverage Gases Bob Yeoman
2021-2022 Beverage Operations and Processing John Mojonnier
2022-2023 Packaging Technology Peter Zhang