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ISBT CO2 Symposium Expo — Shipping

CO2 Sustainability in an Ever-Changing World
Wednesday, May 3 - Thursday, May 4, 2023
Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, Florida, USA
ISBT CO2 Symposium and Expo Logo

Concerned about CO2? Register to participate in the ISBT CO2 Symposium scheduled to occur after the conclusion of BevTech 2023. This separate special event was developed to address current CO2 issues and challenges in the beverage industry. The event will take place the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3, and the morning of Thursday, May 4. In addition to presentations from industry experts, there will be an Expo. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join CO2 experts while you're already in Orlando!

ISBT membership is required to attend the ISBT CO2 Symposium.

Please refer to Caribe Royale's Shipping Instructions for specifications on sending and receiving materials for your booth.

Load-In / Load-Out Procedures

Hours of operation are 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and following are general policies regarding use of the roll-up door:

Freight Restrictions

Please contact Ilia Melendez at if you are shipping anything larger than a standard pallet to ensure that the hotel can receive your shipment. Failure to do so may result in your shipment being rejected.

Shipping and Receiving

When shipping materials to the hotel, please include the following information on all packages to insure proper delivery and storage:

Rosen Centre Hotel
Attn. Shipping & Receiving
8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
Hold For: Your Name Here
Company Name: Your Company Name Here
Event: ISBT CO2 Symposium Expo
Event Date: 05/03/2023
Number of Boxes:         of                   

We respectfully request that if you are sending more than one package within a single shipment, please be sure to number in sequence (i.e. one of three, two of three, etc.) Due to limited storage, please do not send packages more than three (3) working business days prior to your event.

If Rosen Centre Hotel sends you any paperwork to complete, it is your responsibility to return that ASAP.

Delivery / Pickup Charges for Packages Received by or Shipped from the Hotel:

Packages Cost per item:
$5.00 / package / day — 0-20 lbs.
$10.00 / package / day — 21-100 lbs.
$75.00 / pallet for receiving and storage

Any box received by a representative of the Group will require a signature of receipt. This signature will indicate approval of portage charges to be posted to the Group's Master Account, unless otherwise stated by the Group representative upon receipt. The hotel will not deliver any boxes without a Group representative present for signature. The hotel does not accept any liability for equipment, goods, displays, or other materials that arrive or fail to arrive at the Hotel. The Group is responsible for insuring its property for loss or damage. All packages should be clearly marked with a return address.

Boxes will not be delivered to exhibitors. Exhibitors must pickup and pay for their own boxes from the Business Center in the Rosen Centre Hotel. Pallets must be paid for at the Business Center once the pallet has been identified. The pallet will then be delivered to the exhibitor's booth.

Do not ship any exhibits or displays to the hotel without first checking with your Event Sales Manager — Ilia Melendez at . Please make special arrangements with your Event planning manager when shipping large crates as there is limited storage space at the hotel. An additional storage room can be reserved for you (upon availability).

Guests will be responsible for the packing and return shipping of all packages. Before leaving the hotel, make sure proper instructions have been given to the Bell Stand regarding any items to be shipped out of the hotel.

Rosen Centre Hotel
8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
Rosen Centre Hotel

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