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ISBT CO2 Symposium

CO2 Sustainability in an Ever-Changing World
Wednesday, May 3 - Thursday, May 4, 2023
Caribe Royale
Orlando, Florida, USA
ISBT CO2 Symposium Logo

The ISBT CO2 Symposium will highlight CO2 issues and include an Expo.

Preliminary Program

Emcee: Bob Yeoman

ISBT CO2 Symposium Expo

Wednesday Afternoon

  1. How did the CO2 industry get to this point?
    • Pandemic
    • Energy Pricing
    • People Resources
    • Sustainability and Decarbonization
    • Industry Overview
      • CO2 Market Overview
      • Demand
      • Supply Chain and Current Threats
    • Carbon Credit Education
    • Panel Discussion — Sustainability and Impact on CO2
      • Brand Reps
      • Some type of government or action groups

Thursday Morning

  1. Filling the Supply Chain Gap — Alternative / Non-Traditional Sources
    • AD, DAC, Landfill, Fuel Cells, Decarbonization
    • Small Scale SMR, Wastewater, and Other
  2. Keynote — CO2 Industry — Vision of the Future
  3. What Are the Challenges?
  4. Overcoming the Challenges
  5. Panel Discussion — The foreseeable future state of CO2
    • Key Industry Stakeholders
  6. ISBT's Role
  7. Meeting Overview and Wrap Up

Attending the ISBT CO2 Symposium?

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ISBT CO2 Symposium Expo

The Expo will be held Wednesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 4. Explore the floorplan and the list of exhibitors that will be participating. Exhibitors, you will register here.

ISBT CO2 Symposium Expo

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Online registration is open from mid-November until Monday, April 17, 2023.


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