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BevTech® Proceedings 2019

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BevTech 2019

66th Annual Meeting
April 29 - May 1, 2019
Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord | Concord, North Carolina, USA

Table of Contents

Awards & Indices

Keynote Addresses

Paul D. Bloom

Paul Bloom

Keynote Address: Chemurgy: Renewable Innovation

Bob Hannah
Data Ventures, Inc.

Bob Hannah

Leveraging Advanced Shopper Analytics for More Effective Business Planning

Dr. C. Mohan
IBM Almaden Research Center

C Mohan

Enhancing the Food Safety Supply Chain Using Blockchain

General Technical Sessions

Gary Robson
Sure Purity

Gary Robson

President's Address

Phil Tappenden
Soft Drinks International

Phil Tappenden

Beverage Industry Landscape

Sally Potter, Julie Rice, Elizabeth Pulliam, Philip Thonhauser, Kathy Magee

Beverage Institute

Beverage Institute by ISBT® Updates and Industry Impact

Sieg Mueller
Analytical Science and Technologies Group
Douglas Gay
Net Lease Capital

Sieg MuellerDouglas Gay

CO2 Availability Crisis and Responsible Solutions

Akshay Anugu

Akshay Anugu

Enabling Added Sugar/ HFCS Reduction Using a Scientific Approach: Chemosensory and How to Use Flavor Modulators in Sweeteners

Brian Stegmann

Brian Stegmann

Regulatory Update

Boris Gadzov
Flavor ActiV

Boris Gadzov

Optimizing Beverage Freshness Throughout Production with Alignment of Sensory Panels and ESR Technology

Christian Geubert
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Christian Geubert

Innovating Materials to Resist Flavor Transfer

Maria Piedad Lopez, Anthony Amendola, Alberto Helguera, DV Darshane

BevTech Regionals

ISBT Spotlight — International BevTech Events

Joe Norris
Smart Skin Technology
Melanie Sabella
Coca-Cola Company Co. Consolidated

Joe NorrisMelanie Sabella

A Methodical Approach to Solving Critical Container Damage Issues

Joseph Richardson
Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated
Anthony Amendola

Joseph RichardsonAnthony Amendola

Improving Water Usage Rates at Bottling Plants

Cloeann Durham
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Cloeann Durham

ISBT Executive Director: Position Planning

Lennart Roosendaal
Infinity Labs

Lennart Roosendaal

Application of Virtual and Augmented Reality to the Beverage Industry

Victor Bell
Environmental Packaging International

Victor Bell

Packaging Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility - How They Impact the Beverage Industry

Sal Calandra
Messer Americas

Sal Calandra

ISBT Guidelines Update

Caitlin Jamison
Jorge Cortines

Caitlin JamisonJorge Cortines

Plant Based Beverages — Improving the Taste, Texture, and Nutritional Alternatives of Dairy Alternatives

Andy Reim

Andy Reim

Practical Solutions to CIP Innovation

Will Kleidon
Ojai EnergeticsCompany

Will Kleidon

Cannabis Infused Beverages - Sources of Contamination and Beverage Formulation Difficulties

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