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BevTech® Proceedings 2003

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BevTech® 2003

50th Annual Meeting
April 28-30, 2003
Marina Marriott
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Table of Contents

Executive Board 2002-2003

General Business Meeting - April 28

General Business Meeting - April 30

Special Events

General Technical Sessions

Keynote Addresses

The SSDT Years

Harry Korab

The ISBT Years

Bob Risley, MHS

"A Look into the Future"

Havis Dawson, Beverage Communications Co

Technical Session

"Leveraging Your Suppliers by Building Trust and Optimizing Partnerships"

James Sturgis, Tropicana

"Inline Defect Detection of PET Bottles and Closures"

Mike Stransky, Pressco Technology

"Real time Process Monitoring for PET Bottle Production"

Scott Steele, Plastic Technologies, Inc.

"Use of Sensory Evaluation and Electronic Nose Technology to Evaluate the Effect of Rail Car Linings on HFCS Sensory Attributes"

Bill Krueger, Tate & Lyle

"Sodium Acid Sulfate: A New Acidulant for Beverages"

Carl Knueven, Jones-Hamilton Co

"New Sanitizing Procedures Validation"

Tony Dworetsky, Cadbury Schweppes

"Regulations: Then, Now and Future"

Dick Adamson, NSDA

"Beverage Warehouse Design and Operations: A Global Perspective"

Greg Ellis, St Onge Co

"Ozone Control and Measurement in Bottled Water"

Kevin Mathews, Nestle Waters North America

"The Impact of Heat Sanitizing on Final Water Quality"

Mike Costello, USFilter

"Chloramines: Their Role in Water Treatment"

Lee Comb, G.E. Osmonics

"Bromine in Thermal Processing"

Doug Robertson, JohnsonDiversey

"New Methods for Determination of Carbonation Levels in Beverage Bottles"

Michelle Stevens, MOCON, Inc.

"The Story of Carrot Juice and its Growth into a Mainstream Beverage Ingredient"

Don Bailey, Wm Bolthouse Farms

"Testing and Process Design of a Thermophilic Membrane Biological Reactor to Treat High-Strength Beverage Wastewater"

Paul Togna, Envrogen

"Experiences in Beverage Industry Using Membrane Bioreactor Technology"

Sarah Montage, Zenon

"Calcium Disodium EDTA in Beverages"

Ray Leenhouts, Dow Chemical

Plant Security

"Assessing Your Security Needs"

Debra Bivona, Tropicana

"Security Technology"

Debbie Casey, The Coca-Cola Company

Technical Committee Meeting Synopses

50 Years of History

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