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BevTech® Proceedings 2002

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BevTech® 2002

49th Annual Meeting
April 29-May 1, 2002
Hilton Suites
Nashville, Tennessee

Table of Contents

Executive Boards 19992002

General Business Meeting - April 29

General Business Meeting - May 1

Special Events

President's Address — "Programmed for Innovation"

Tom Reimer

General Session

Keynote Address — "Innovations in the Tropicana Supply Chain"

Rick Poole, VP Supply Chain, Tropicana

Technical Session

"Current Regulatory Issues of Interest to the Beverage Industry"

Dick Adamson, NSDA

"Navigating the Energy Crisis: A California Experience"

Ravi Arunchalam, Pokka Beverages

"Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment for the Beverage Industry"

Denise Johnston, Biothane Corporation

"Trouble Shooting Off Flavors in Beverages"

Mary McEvoy, Pepsi-Cola

"PET Bottle and Plastic Closure Voluntary Standard Test Methods"

Valerie Villafane, Pepsi-Cola; Sally Potter, The Coca-Cola Company; Jim Anderson, Crown Cork & Seal

"An Update on PET Plastic Bottle Recycling in North America"

Luke Schmidt, NAPCOR

"Improving Quality and Productivity with Next Generation, Artificial Intelligence Based Defect Detection and Gauging Equipment"

James Spencer, Intelligent Machine Concepts

"Micronutrient Fortification of Non-Traditional Beverages"

Frank Runge, BASF

"Technology Advances in Leak Detection and Fill Height Inspection"

Roger VerMulm and Frank Raspante, Taptone Inspection Systems

"New Considerations in Sensory: The World of Supertasters"

Sarah Kirkmeyer, International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.

"Sensory Testing of High Fructose Corn Syrups"

Mike Finnerty, Pepsi-Cola

"Aseptic Filling of PET Bottles"

Volker Till, KHS Maschinen-und Anlagenbau AG

"Temperature and Chemical Effect on Elastomers"

Joe Dirksen, Ecolab Inc.

"Source Waters: Characteristics and Protection"

Manus Mitchell, Pepsi-Cola; Marcio Amazonas, The Coca-Cola Company

"Fountain Water Treatment & Issues — A Subcommittee Update"

Stella Lanphear, Pepsi-Cola; Randy Riddell, The Coca-Cola Company; Doug Robertson, DiverseyLever

"Current Status of UV Technology as a Barrier to Emerging Pathogens"

Dave McCarty, Aquionics Inc.

"Food Allergens"

Lisa Katic, Grocery Manufacturers Association of America

"Are you Ready for Nutritive Sweetener Substitution?"

John Fry, Connect Consulting

"The Use of Dairy Ingredients in Soft Drinks"

Bill Haines, Dairy Management Inc.

Technical Committee Meeting Synopses

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