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BevTech® 2023 — Attendees FAQ

ISBT's 70th Annual Meeting
May 1 - 3, 2023
Caribe Royale
Orlando, Florida, USA
  1. Can I attend any / all Technical Committee meetings? Is it necessary to be on that Technical Committee's roster? Can I jump between Technical Committee Meetings?

    Yes, any ISBT member may attend any / all Technical Committee meetings that they wish to, regardless of whether they are on that committee's roster or not. In fact, we will provide a Side-by-Side Schedule for each day so that you can see speakers / topics / times, just in case there are multiple committees' presentations you want to hit on the same day.

  2. Do I need to pre-register for Technical Committee Meetings?

    No. But if you're a planner, you can utilize Whova to map out your personal agenda and figure out which meetings (or even specific speakers / topics) you want to attend.

  3. Are the main session presentations available after the event?

    ISBT will post these to BevTech Proceedings after the event (typically within 2 months).

  4. Can I get a list of attendees?

    We will post a list of attendees' names and companies after BevTech is over. Don't want to wait till then? Be sure to use the Whova app to engage with other attendees and exchange contact information. (Whova is only available to registered attendees and exhibitors.)

  5. How can I get on a Technical Committee mailing list or know when their standard meetings are?

    If you'd like to join a committee, just fill out the Technical Committee Application. You can also contact the appropriate Chair(s) by going to the Technical Committee list.

  6. Can I add events on site, like if I forgot to sign up for a Lunch & Learn, golf, optional activities, etc.?
    • All of the Sunday activities require preregistration.
    • The Spouse / Guest Lunch (Monday), Tuesday 3K Fun Run / Walk (Includes T-Shirt), and Tuesday Evening Networking Reception are all available for purchase on site. Stop by the Registration Desk and we'll take your payment there.
  7. What type of payment do you accept on site?

    We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

  8. ISBT is great! How do I volunteer to do more?

    The primary way to get involved with ISBT is through the Technical Committees. Contacting the Chairs of any Technical Committees in which you're interested is a great start. If there's another area that interests you, please contact the ISBT Office and we'll be glad to connect you with the right person(s) depending upon your interest.

  9. Can I continue to use the Whova app to keep in touch with fellow attendees?

    Absolutely! You can follow up with the people you met or those you couldn't connect with during the event through the in-app messages, e-business card requests, and Bulletin Board posts.

  10. Other than that, what can I do with the app after the event is over?

    Receive updates about future events from your event organizers. And most of all, many events use Whova world-wide, so in the near future if you attend any other events, you do not need to download the app again. So, keep and use the Whova app as a central place to manage all of your event networking activities.

  11. How long will the event information remain on the app?

    We will keep the event information (e.g., agenda) for 6 months, or longer upon the organizer's request. However, your contacts, messages, and scanned cards will not be removed.

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